The Destiny of Hitler’s Nazi Germany was Already Set in 1871

There are some people who think Hitler was genuinely interested in the health and well being of Germany when he did what he did. We won’t go into details about Hitler’s background and political philosophies here as there are ample sources out there for you to research. Instead, we only need to point back to that son of Satan, Albert Pike, who laid out the “vision-based” blueprint for ushering in the new world order through three world wars.  We quote the “vision” part because it is more likely not a vision, though Pike claimed it was. More likely than not, it was a pre-planned blueprint for sacrificing untold millions of people to his god Satan in exchange for receiving control of this supposed new world. Hitler, then, was a puppet actor of the New World Order. That is, the “fascists” Pike spoke of for the second world war were to be the “bad guys” to distract the world from the Zionists plan to resurrect Jerusalem at last after the Romans sacked it in 70 AD. So if Pike knew in 1871 that Nazi fascists were needed to bring about a new world with the State of Israel being reborn, what does that tell you about Hitler? And keep in mind, Hitler approached Hollywood to help him make propaganda movies to make Nazism marketable to the Germans and others outside the country. Hopefully this tidbit of info will keep some of you from being derailed in your pursuit of the truth. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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