America is NOT Babylon the Great, Catholic Church NOT the Beast

One of our missions is to dispel disinformation that can lead people down the wrong path when it comes to the Christian faith. In this case, some people confuse the symbol of the beast with the harlot, Babylon the Great. Revelation is clear: the harlot rides the beast, who in turn is standing over the waters of the seas. Thus, there are three symbols to keep in mind. One was immediately explained: the waters represent the masses of humanity. The beast ALWAYS represents a government or kingdom. This is why the Catholic Church is not the beast. Daniel 2 gives a timeline of the versions of the beast from Babylon down to the present day “Clay Iron Feet Toes” (aka CLIFT) kingdom. Currently, the CLIFT kingdom is mostly headed by America-Europe-Israel, with Russia, China, Iran and others representing the “Kings of the East” who would eventually cross the Euphrates into, or nearby, Jerusalem. So then who is this harlot? Go back and read all of our posts here and you will see that we have identified her as the New World Order gang! In other words, she is on top of the beast, away from sight of the masses of humanity under the beast. The beast is so massive that the people under the beast can only see the belly of the beast when they look up. The harlot would be out of site. So those running the harlot system are those who wield power out of sight: political action committees, major corporations, banks, etc. The Church is not the harlot because the harlot is the antithesis of the church. However, agents of the harlot can infiltrate the church and cause divisions, which has happened even as far back as the New Testament Church (Paul talked about this, and Judas Iscariot was a direct part of the harlot system when Satan entered him). It is important to keep the Harlot, the Beast, and the Seas symbols separate and not confuse them. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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