The State of Israel is not Israel

The very first thing Jesus Christ told His apostles regarding the signs of the end times is to not be deceived. And what do some of you who call yourselves Christians do? You let yourselves be deceived! Do you not understand the Parable of the Tenants? Jesus clearly told you about what happened to the last vestiges of the Children of Israel. Our Heavenly Father gave them chance after chance, sending prophets over and over to warn them to change their wicked ways, but they would not. So He sent His own Son to them, thinking they would listen to Him. And they knew full well who He was, but instead of accepting Him, they conspired to kill Him and take His kingdom! Jesus told you this and yet you still let yourselves be deceived. The Apostle Paul, feeling maybe the Jewish leaders would listen to him since he was the most extremist Jewish leader before his conversion, also gave up on them when they kept persecuting him and the Church over and over all over the Roman empire. Jesus Christ even said “it is finished” on the cross, and yet you are still deceived. He told you they have become the synagogue of satan, and you are still deceived. Why did He call them that? And not all Jews subscribe to this wickedness, as Revelation shows there are a remnant that our Heavenly Father knows and they are hidden for now. In any event, there are many other Old and New Testament scriptures that discusses how our Heavenly Father put an end to Aholah and Aholibah (look these up online and read the biblical context) and opened up His kingdom (the marriage supper) to all, both Jew and Gentile, rich and poor, man and woman, who turn to Him and follow the example set by Jesus Christ, the firstborn. If you don’t wake up and understand this concept, you WILL end up receiving the mark of the beast without knowing it because you believe things that are not true. Amen.



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