New World Order Gang Isn’t Letting You Elect Their Puppet Cuz You Like His Suit

It is amazing how so many people still think their vote counts when it has been shown that most voters are very uninformed about substantive issues and pick their candidates based on silly reasons like the color of a tie, how a suit fits, hair style, or just blindly electing based on party. These are dumb reasons to elect anyone if your vote counts. And the mainstream media has gotten so equally dumb that their bias towards Clinton is more obvious than at any time in history. Anyone who thinks the New World Order Gang spent over 2,500 years building this massive, terrifying beast only to hand the keys to this kingdom over to some airhead voter is completely out of touch with reality and needs to wake up before it is too late! If you want more informed decision making wisdom, please turn to more educated sources online such as our site and others on YouTube, WordPress, and many others. Relying only on the mainstream media is like getting a lobotomy every time you watch, and is similar to what fluoride in water does to your brain. Come out of her my people, says our Heavenly Father. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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