There is No Truth in this World, Anywhere!

This is one of the constant themes for our articles because too many are still wanting to “belong” to the mainstream and not feel left out so as to avoid being considered an outsider or crazy. The majority of people believe everything in the mainstream media, government “official” statements and policies, Hollywood, scientists, etc. We don’t expect to get through to the world, but we are targeting those who call themselves Christian who are wavering in their faith, as well as those who are destined to come into the faith. First, keep in mind that Satan is the god of this world system (2 Corinthians 4:4). What more can be said? If Satan is the god of this wicked world, how on earth do you expect to find truth in it? The most basic things you believe and have been taught repetitively since elementary school is based on many lies! How do we know this? Revelation 12:9 clearly states that Satan has deceived the whole world, which is confirmed by 2 Thessalonians 2:11, which warns that those who hate Jesus Christ and His commandments will be ripe – made susceptible – for Satan’s deceptions. How will this invisible “machine of deception” spread the delusion throughout the world? A couple of verses before, in  Thessalonians 2:9, explains that Satan will go to every length to trap the whole world via “lying wonders” and false miraculous signs. “Lying wonders” means major institutions and doctrines and knowledge taught to us over time that condition us to believe great frauds. For instance, one of those is Satan’s use of “science” to destroy our faith in our Heavenly Father’s ability to create the earth, man, and the skies above. In Genesis, He clearly said there is a firmament above the earth, dividing the waters above from those below. Why would God lie about this? Yet Satan has created a “lying wonder” that says that “there is no firmament: instead, there is an endless universe created by a big bang that has endless galaxies and planets named after real gods like Saturn (which is Satan), Jupiter, Mars, etc…” Another related lying wonder is that the earth is not a  mostly flat circular disc, but a round ball that magically holds water through another lying wonder called gravity. Another lying wonder is that the sun is 93 million miles away, even though common sense says that heat can’t travel that far and still be hot! Another lying wonder is that the earth is either hundreds of millions of years old or even 3 billion years old, though our Heavenly Father makes it clear that the earth was made in 6 days and is thousands of years old. Another lying wonder is that man evolved from monkeys through several phases of evolution, even though common sense says that if this were true, then no monkeys should still be walking around. There are lying wonders in medicine, movies, government foreign policy and many other places. Why is deception so pervasive? John 8:44 says there is NO truth in Satan, it is his nature to lie, he is the father of lies, and he is a murderer from the beginning. So when a government uses lies to invade and topple a government, mass murdering innocent civilians and causing them to wander endlessly for help and find none, then that nation is doing the bidding of its father, Satan. And Jesus Christ addressed the early children of Satan regularly in the Gospels, who were the majority of Jewish leaders who would eventually bribe another of Satan’s children, Judas Iscariot, who he outright possessed, into betraying Jesus Christ to be murdered based on lies. So therefore you now have a clear testimony as to why you’re not going to find truth in this world. Jesus Christ is the way, the TRUTH, and the light. He is the Incarnate Word of our Heavenly Father! Seek His truth. Amen!


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