Wake Up to Conspiracies All Around You

The mainstream media and the government, both of which are run by the New World Order Gang aka Mystery Babylon the Great, have conditioned millions and millions of people to scoff at those truth seekers who dare question the official narrative we see on those slick, modern TV and internet news outlets. So we are then called those crazy conspiracy theorists. But it’s funny how those same people are well aware of the conspiracies of the New World Order Gang without knowing it. For instance, there have been enough news stories by now to realize that those who are in control of our water supply routinely “allow” the water to be contaminated. Those same people also know that the government turned a blind eye while food corporations and retailers conspired to sneak in genetically modified foods with little or no labeling. These same people also saw how the government conspired with biotech companies to sneak in genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil and South Florida, among other place. These same people also should recall how minorities have been routinely used as guinea pigs for drug companies and medical researchers, including the father of modern Ob Gyns who bought female slaves just for painful, torturous research on how to operate on women. These people should also know that the U.S. has regularly used false pretenses to start major wars that killed tens of millions, an example of which is the Gulf of Tonkin conspiracy and the conspiracy against Saddam Hussein to overrun Iraq and kill millions of innocent Iraqis. And they should definitely remember the conspiracy to murder Jesus Christ in order to take His kingdom, a Satanic process that is still in the works and almost finished. We can go on and on. The real conspiracies are all around you if you just take 30 minutes out of your week to pay attention and read! Stay in prayer. Amen.


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