Now’s the Time to Understand Daniel’s ‘Iron-Clay’ Kingdom

As Daniel mentioned in Daniel 2, iron and clay don’t mix. He went on to explain that the leading figures of this last kingdom would try, unsuccessfully, to mix the seed of men, which is not a vision against natural immigration and interracial intercourse, but an indictment against what we call weaponized immigration and mixing. This means the New World Order Gang purposely creates social, economic and political strife to force millions of people to move from nation to nation, which then unnaturally increases the incidences of the “mixing of seed.” Some even go so far as to say this mixing of seed refers to the scientific, synthetic mix of human egg and sperm. This post does not argue these points actually, but is going after something very fundamental: why did Daniel’s vision use iron and clay anyway? Recall that the kingdom before this last one was only made of iron. And the ones before it were also strong metallic elements. What made them strong? The symbolism means that the metals used are not mixed with clay, but are unified and strong in substance. Translation: all of the kingdoms before the ones we see today were monarchies! The strength of monarchies came from the adherence to a religious faith adopted by the majority of the people, combined with patriotic loyalty to the royalty and an economic system that benefitted the majority of the people. When you blend all of the together, you get a socio-economic system that is very, very strong. This is why it took the New World Order Gang over 2,500 years – from the time of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon till the Western and Eastern European/Arabic/Asian monarchies – to finally crack these beastly empires into enough to then try to re-fashion them into a former shell of themselves to fool the masses! Read that again. When they remolded the very empires they brought down through stealth and terrorism from the late 1700s through the 1910s, they mixed in a little clay (the lie of weaponized democracy/republicanism/Marxism/capitalism) to fake the strength of these old empires to keep the people suppressed into this final and dreadful beast we see now! Jesus Christ is returning very soon to rid us of this hideous, monstrous franken-beast. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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