It’s Interesting How Those Who Endorse Evolution Also Endorse Half Humans (Chimeras)

Our current U.S. government, all three branches, never ceases to amaze. The same ones who cry global warming conspiracies also are the very ones using less publicized technologies to try to cause harm to the environment. They charge us for water, yet poison it. They want tighter gun control, yet leave weapons of mass destruction “accidentally” in Iraq, Libya and other parts of the Middle East for the born-in-2013 ISIS mercenaries to use to dismantle governments, causing a humanitarian crisis of waves of migrants who they then shun and demonize so that no one lets them in. This same government that denies the spirit world then turns around and sets up portals to Baal-Moloch in April 2016. And now, the same government that says evolution trumps Creation now wants to allow scientists to create half human half animal creatures! Get the deadly irony now? And yet, still a large number of Americans will yet again vote for both demonic parties (even though their votes are clearly wasted, especially the Democrats since the super delegates are the ones who anoint the candidate). Stop supporting these demons! As you see, the government is sanctioning, endorsing and soon financing a very diabolical thing in this half human endeavor! Just like man has never legally sanctioned homosexual marriage ever in history until now, man has never used science to this extent to mix humans and animals (this has been going on for decades, and we have medical industry witnesses to this). Come out of her my people! Stay in prayer and keep the faith in Jesus Christ. Amen.


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