Foiled Canada ‘Terror’ Plot Follows Typical False Flag Pattern

We normally avoid commenting on individual false flag events unless they are significant, but because these smaller ones keep happening lately, we thought we’d chime in as a reminder that the drum beat of major end time paradigm shifts is beating louder and louder. Once again, we have a major over response from law enforcement to a “terror threat” – this time, law enforcement from both Canada and the U.S. responded to this one in a nod to the New World Order Gang. And as always, the supposed terrorist is killed: as they say, dead men tell no tales. We’ll never be able to observe him to see if he is legitimate or just the usual made up bogeyman of the government. But this particular story should alarm Americans. Truth seekers (or “conspiracy theorists” as the mainstream media would call us) have warned for some time that foreign law enforcement/military troops will cross borders in this made up “war on terror” in order to circumvent local laws of the host country. This is an example of that, so Canadians should be on alert. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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