The Jonestown Cult Mass “Suicide” Was Experiment in Concentration Camp Executions

The bizarre irony of the 1978 Jonestown Guyana cult “suicides” (or mass executions) was that Jim Jones, being a son of a KKK man and also a former Navy serviceman, convinced so many black people to leave with him to some “paradise” in Guyana. The Klan connection alone should have been a clue that something wasn’t right about this story. But beyond that, do you really think 911 people (does that number look familiar?) would just drink poisoned Kool Aid laced with cyanide even after he had previously given them a “loyalty test” where they drank Kool Aid that he said contained poison but did not? And how exactly did Jim Jones convince the country of Guyana to have all these people just move down there on his own? Did he have help? There were reports that not only was he a liar who actually worked for the CIA, other CIA operatives helped him. Did Jim Jones really kill himself or was he assassinated or disappeared? Do your own research, but there is evidence the U.S. government, which only 8 years prior had endorsed a plan to round up all African Americans into concentration camps, most likely sprayed the people with some chemical that killed them as well as animals near them (animals don’t drink poisons, as well informed activist Dick Gregory points out in various speeches and interviews). This was also a dry run for rounding up Christians in general, not just blacks. So all Christians of all races should be appalled and on alert as the New World Order gang is practicing regularly on how to round us up and kill us! Stay in prayer. Amen.


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