The Major “Wild” Fires Every Year Trigger Martial Law Responses

Ever ask yourself why certain U.S. states like California seem to have a disproportionate number of major wildfires every year that inconvenience many thousands of homeowners, prompting emergency response agencies to evacuate people from their own homes, forcing them to stay away until they tell the homeowners it is safe to return? Sure they reassure the homeowners that they are on their side and trying to protect them, and most people just blindly go along without a second thought because of the “threat” of the terrifying, deadly fires. But stop to think about it: aren’t these fires a great excuse to condition us to accept martial law? And wouldn’t it then be in the interest of the New World Order Gang to deliberately set these fires, or at least manipulate the weather to create conditions for said fires? One firefighter took a fall for the New World Order gang and was accused and sentenced for deliberately setting a major wildfire in 2014. This scenario probably sounds impossible to many, but we don’t have much time for you to be ignorant of the wiles of the devil! Jesus clearly said there is no truth in Satan, and that he is a liar since the beginning. And if there is no truth in him, then there is no truth in his children. If you don’t understand the gravity of what Jesus Christ was saying here, then you are in deep trouble! Don’t be like the 5 Virgins of the Parable of the 10 Virgins who didn’t have oil in their lamps! The clouds of darkness are circling around us as 2016 fast approaches some more cataclysmic events. Do stay in prayer and keep the faith. Amen.


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