U.S. Democrats Don’t Even Know Clinton’s Real Name, Yet Vote Blindly Anyway

It is both amazing and sad that too many Americans don’t take any time to do at least a little research before throwing away their votes for pre-determined presidential candidate. We’ve already warned conservatives about putting too much faith in Donald Trump, who has a problem boldly proclaiming Jesus Christ as his savior. And we’ve also criticized “Billary” Clinton, whose track record in the State Dept and being NY Senator for a few years shows her true colors. And now we must once again call Democrats to task for not even knowing why they are voting for Hillary Clinton when Clinton is not even her real name. Bill Clinton’s name is not Clinton, but Blythe (William Jefferson Blythe III). The real reason his name was changed has nothing to do with the official reason so-called historians say. And by the way, Trump is not his real name either; it’s Drumpf (and neither is Barak Obama his name – look it up)…People, both parties are run by the same New World Order Gang who wants to keep you blind and in darkness, kind of like the movie Dark City. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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