The “Dreadful, Terrifying” Vision the Prophet Daniel saw was the United States-United Nations-Europe!

More than once, Daniel saw a dreadful, horrifying beast that was unlike the others. At one point, Daniel was even sickened by what he saw in this last dreadful beast. Yet too many Christian pastors are ignoring this fact, instead focusing on silly philosophies that are not warning people about the alarming escalation towards the last stand of Satan against Jesus Christ. In order to understand what horrified Daniel till he was sickened, we have to first understand what made this last beast so different from all the others. Care to guess? You’ll probably not know. The answer is that, before the New World Order Gang’s favorite, secret mysticism-oriented year of 1776, the world only knew religious based monarchies. When you mix faith with kingdoms, economic policies and patriotism, the ties that bind citizens are very, very strong. So when Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world roughly 2,000 years ago during the Roman Empire era (4th kingdom in Daniel’s prophecy), he didn’t promise it would happen overnight. He likely knew it would take considerable time. So Jesus rejected Satan, but according to the Parable of the Tenants, the leading Jewish rabbis and scholars accepted this offer and went about trying to set up Jesus to be murdered, and eventually succeeded by bribing Judas Iscariot. But did they receive the kingdom immediately upon Jesus’ death? No. The ties that bound Romans were way too strong, plus in 70 AD, Jerusalem was sacked. Since the “Great City” was highly prized by the dejected Jewish leaders, their plan was to retake Jerusalem. After centuries of trial and error (during the era of the two legs, East and West, extending from the Roman Empire), even the failed attempts through the scam that was the Crusades (that was a classic divide and conquer pysop pitting Christians against Muslims to capture Jerusalem for them), they finally figured out they needed a mass murder machine kind of nation that would break and crush to pieces (sound familiar?) all nations that were based on religion, patriotism, classic economics and monarchies. Various councils in Europe came close, but were not perfect enough. So once they were kicked out of Europe in 1492, they set about for the “New World,” which would eventually be called the United States. They chose the number 13 for their initial colonies because 13 is another secret mysticism number they love. They could have chosen 12 or 14, but they chose 13 colonies for a dark reason. The first monarchy they would weaken was the English monarchy. Not long after that, they took down France. They could never really conquer Russia or China because, as Revelation alludes to, a way had to be prepared for the Kings of the East to cross the Euphrates into Jerusalem, so the East would always be a problem for the New World Order Gang. Nonetheless, the United States, along with their puppet European allies, would later be used to crush and break in pieces all monarchies worldwide through WWI and WWII (and now we see WWIII is basically upon us to finish the transition to the Satanic New World). The United Nations would be born as a child of the United States, and is really United States 2.0. Many people don’t know that the dreadful mass murder machine of Communism was born where the UN was born: New York City. And many don’t know that Nazi Socialism was also born in New York (and partly with the help of Hollywood propaganda). Global terrorism, especially Al Qaeda and ISIS/ISIL and their offshoots, was also born in the U.S.! So you see, what Daniel saw in his night visions that made him almost faint and sickened him with fright was the horrors of the United States and her puppet beasts, which are ridden by the daughters of Mystery Babylon the Great. If you have not read the truth about what really happened in WWI and WWII (and even Korea and Vietnam), please pray to find the truth. We’ll give you a hint: the most scary and bloody horror movies out of Hollywood have nothing on the horrors the U.S. and her Satanic allies visited on every nation they crushed and invaded, including extremely violent and fatal rapes, smashing of babies against walls, mutilating penises and vaginas, unleashing violent prisoners on the public, dropping massive bombs directly on people (melting them to the concrete), rounding up civilians in camps and starving them to death, forcing young women to kiss dead bodies, and so on! it is truly sick what they did, but they lied to you to make you glorify these orgies of blood that are all modern wars. Stay in prayer and ask for wisdom. Amen.

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