Satan’s NBA All Star Game Shuns Charlotte NC

In “1984” by George Orwell, Big Brother mandated that citizens not say that 2+2=4, but that 2+2=5. In the Satanic gender neutrality movement, the New World Order Gang is deliberately trying to push the buttons of Christians and others with common sense about the subject of male and female gender identities. Regarding the NBA All Star Game, one well known NBA analyst fully supports the NBA decision to not allow the city of Charlotte, NC, to buy or sell without the mark of the NBA “moral values.” Who cares about the so-called “moral values” of a sports league that interferes with games, colludes in rigging sports betting in Las Vegas, has players who birth children out of wedlock all over the country (among other wickedness), and promotes demonic hand sign gestures and symbolisms in its marketing material? Christians everywhere should see this as a no brainer and stop supporting the fake pro sports that promote filth and sin and confusion. If this issue is not easy to see through, then go ahead and believe that 2+2=5. Stay in prayer for the return of Jesus Christ is so much closer. Amen.

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