ISIS is NOT Radical Islam

Jesus Christ warned us that Satan is the father of lies and the truth is not in him. This also means that Satan’s children have no truth in them, either. In addition, bible prophecy mentions the end times would be full of “lying wonders.” And yet many of us are still asleep. Regarding ISIS, ask yourself, how can a rag tag group of mercenaries suddenly rise up to scare billions of people in less than 3 years? Recall Al Qaeda was the “radical Islamic” group scaring billions and was too tough for American to defeat, but then, right after Obama’s failed speech in September 2013, when his puppet masters in New York, London and Israel wanted him to authorize war against Syria, the media made ISIS the new bogeyman replacing Al Qaeda. Think it through. America is the most powerful nation the world has ever known, and not even the very powerful Russia and China dare challenge America at their own borders. So if these two powerhouses don’t dare challenge America in their own backyards, what makes you think ISIS is suddenly more powerful than Russia and China, challenging America even inside our borders? Wake up, people! It is quite obvious that ISIS is a child of Western Intelligence with the purpose of baiting America and the West to fight against Syria, Russia and China! Without ISIS, the West has no good excuse for causing chaos in the Middle East. ISIS is not Islamic at all, not even a radical version of Islam. ISIS is a Hollywood style production with the White House and Congress being the producers, while Israel is the director and executive producer. Don’t fall for the lying wonders or the great delusion. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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