The Danger and Fallacy of Not Investigating the Truth

People who are prone to believe the official word from the government and the media about acts of terror go out of their way to avoid being called a conspiracy theorists. They even ridicule those truth seekers who disbelieve the “official” story. The fallacy, and danger, of such thinking is that, once the government and media tell them to worship the Anti Christ and the Beast system, they will do so, because they don’t want to be considered crazy. But how silly is this approach? If you walk into a room that had a dead body with a fresh bullet wound, a gun next to it, and a one year old baby between both crying, would you conclude the baby must have killed the person because the media and law enforcement said the baby did it? See how foolish that begins to sound? Now a truth seeker would automatically be suspicious if the media and government concluded the baby did it, and will ask more common sense questions. We would automatically look at other possibilities, such as a person must have fled the scene, leaving the baby to cry over the dead body. Other people would not dare consider other possibilities because that would be a “conspiracy theory.” Silly people. Pray for wisdom from Jesus Christ to have a passion for the truth, which emanates from Him. Amen.


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