Obama Does Not Care About Black People

Yep, we had to paraphrase Kanye West when he accurately said Bush does not care about black people. In fact, no presidents care about black people and never have. Lincoln was very reluctant in freeing slaves. JFK was reluctant to help push civil rights laws, as was LBJ when it came to the voting rights act. Clinton, the one that many blacks called the first black president, allowed more incarceration rates of blacks than any other president, not to mention the affirmative action movement lost a lot of steam under his watch as he was reluctant to make a big push for improving it or keeping it. And now the New World Order Gang “gave” them a partially black (though not really proven) president in Obama, almost every black person let their guard down and voted for him as if he were going to do anything for them. Not! Unfortunately, we realize that the black experience in America has been sub par, and that is shameful. So when Obama came along, most blacks internalized his success as if it were their own, which has now made it almost impossible to criticize Obama to them without them taking it personal, as if he were a deity. But what they fail to realize is that not only has he not done anything significant for their nearly 100% vote, he has actually done far more for gay rights, Jewish causes, and Hispanic immigration policies (executive order) than blacks. And now he has an executive order mandating slavery of skilled workers in the event of a “national emergency,” which includes blacks. He has also armed the police even more than before, while at the same time hypocritically paying lip service to the deaths of blacks at the hands of cops (the irony is nuts). And how do many blacks respond? They blame Republicans for supposedly blocking Obama’s bills (though they ignore his many executive orders). And when it comes to his push for gay, Jewish and Hispanic rights, they say, “well, he can’t be the president of only blacks.” In other words, they delude themselves by deflecting blame from Obama. Wake up! Obama has authorized the military to work with law enforcement to train cops on how to deal with black urban protesters by rounding them up and shipping them off! Go look it up. This is how he has repaid black voters. Instead of blindly trusting one party (which clearly has not worked), try something different and more sophisticated. Otherwise, the New World Order Gang will achieve its goal against you: rounding you up and shipping you off to concentration camps! It almost happened in part right after Katrina, remember? Stay in prayer. Amen.

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