Stop Believing the Democrat-Republican Scam

It is amazing that, despite the fact that Jesus Christ said His kingdom is not of this world and that Satan the perpetual liar is the god of this world system, there are still many in the American Church who allow themselves to be divided and conquered along artificial lines like Republican and Democrat, Liberal and Conservative, Black and White, etc. So let’s think this though. If Satan is the god of this world, and both Democrats and Republicans wield power in this world, why on earth do you think either party can do anything that is pro Jesus Christ? After 2,000 years of work, Satan is not going to just hand over the keys of his kingdoms (the same ones he offered Jesus) to anyone who does not do his bidding. And if they are not pro Jesus Christ, then that means they are anti Jesus Christ – which means they are anti-Christ! Stop deceiving yourselves because the end of days is truly at hand as the signs have accelerated everywhere and have gotten darker. Come out of her, my people…Stay in prayer. Amen.

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