France’s Continual State of Emergency Has Failed in Nice


France has been the target of numerous terror attacks recently. We pray for all victims of such attacks, including this latest one in Nice, and yet we don’t let our emotions get the best of us when it comes to criticizing any government. One would think that being in a state of emergency almost nonstop, France would have had much better security for Bastille Day, July 14. Keep in mind the movie “Bastille Day,” centered around a former CIA agent conducting ‘anti-terrorist’ activities in France, came out in April 2016. Obviously, these factors alone arouse suspicion. The citizens of France need to ask why have a martial law state of emergency in place if terrorist attacks keep happening anyway? The answer lies in the fact that the leaders of the ruling regime in France want martial law and are lock step with the traitors in Washington who also are pushing for martial law in America. Don’t be fooled! Thus, they will manufacture any excuse, including false flag operations like this one, to keep us in a perpetual state of martial law until the New World Order Gang unveils their massive deception for the ages…Lift your voices against this deceptive tyranny and get rid of the deep government clandestine agencies who finance such attacks in the first place. Stay in prayer. Amen.

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