Black and White People: Don’t Fall for the Numerous Traps!

We hate to be so racially blunt, but desperate times call for desperate measures, as the saying goes. Have we forgotten what happened in the Summer of 1919? To create a distraction from the real and satanic truth about World War I, the press, which was controlled by Zionist businessmen, concocted a scheme in the years leading up to 1919 to enhance racial divisions starting around the time they arranged the assassination of Pres McKinley in 1901 (he got in the way of the Federal Reserve and IRS scam being born). Before McKinley’s assassination, race relations were actually not as bad as the liars of today want you to think. Also, America had no beef with Germany, Russia or Turkey (Ottomans) at the time. But their plan needed a major distraction in order to begin the first major phase of taking over the world, as Jesus Christ outlined in the Parable of the Tenants (which many false pastors have been trained in satanic seminaries to avoid these days). Racial division, ala the Civil War era, was brought back up. The early New World Order Gang went to work, adding chemicals to the alcohol that southern black men drank to make them more aggressive towards white women (called “nigger” gin, according to researched uncovered by Henry Ford’s well known newspaper). These newspapers used famous black men like boxer Jack Johnson to further make black men more comfortable talking to white women: recall that Johnson married a white woman at the time. At the same time, other newspapers owned by the same cabal of Zionists also stirred anger among white men about the threat of black men on their wives and daughters. Long story short, their satanic plans worked, and starting in 1919, numerous race riots broke out across the country, with white police officers joining white men to destroy and massacre black communities, including Black Wall Street in Tulsa in 1921. The massacre of Rosewood happened during this era. While we were distracted, the New World Order Gang was busy killing millions around the world through the manufactured flu epidemic and through the atrocities of war. But since most of us found history to be boring in school, we failed to understand this repeatable pattern, and here we are now, on the precipice of yet another major race war distraction as a prelude to World War III! Stop the insanity! This time, they intend to round us all up in concentration camps, starting with minorities (Blacks via Black Lives Matter which is funded by a Zionist billionaire George Soros, who cares nothing about black people), and then Hispanics, and once all non whites are hauled away, they will really bring a nightmare on white Americans like they did against innocent Germans following the close of that other satanic, blood soaked, lie-filled war, World War II! Most of you have no idea what horror innocent Germans had to endure. We must not be distracted! We can co-exist with our differences, whether racial differences, social class difference, sex difference, etc. We can co-exist peacefully without falling for this trap of becoming enraged and act out so that they then arrest us! Wake up and stay in prayer! Amen.


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