2016 Marks the Satanic Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Humans

Make no mistake about it. This summer of rage, All Summer 16 as the satanic, owl worshipping Hollywood artist Drake discusses in his filthy album, Satan’s children have launched a major offensive against Christians in the West. They are doing everything possible to push us to fight them, shoving sodomy and all kinds of fornication in our faces, doing what no other era in human history has ever done: legalize sodomite marriage. Their next front is making pedophilia acceptable, and we in the West are like the Church of Laodicea, too lazy or scared of being politically incorrect. The New World Order Gang does not simply want money, oil, etc….that’s too boring for their sinful lusts. Instead, they want your hearts and minds, and they want to hand us over to Satan, who wants us to deliberately deny Jesus Christ and the Church in order to accept him! Hollywood already requires major celebrities to deny Jesus Christ, and so they want the rest of us to follow suit. Will you sit back and let them force you to deny Jesus Christ and worship Satan! Then wake up, American Church! Judgment starts with us before the world, so stand up and be counted for Jesus Christ! Stay in prayer. Amen.


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