What Christians Fail to Understand About Trump

 For some reason, it’s easy for Christians in the U.S. to see how wicked Hillary Clinton is (witchcraft, Moloch worship, abortion, pro gay marriage), yet many of them give a pass to Donald Trump. Stop deceiving yourselves. Trump is part of the two-party demonic system, which is why he has a hard time publicly praising Jesus Christ or even acknowledging being submissive to Jesus Christ. Also, because many Christians’ faiths have grown dull in these end times, you have believed the Great Delusion that Jesus Christ warned about in 2 Thessalonians. And because you believe this delusion, you are allowing yourselves to be deceived into thinking Trump can make America great again. Trump has repeatedly stated his support of more spying powers for the alphabet soup of U.S. intelligence agencies, a bigger military to bully other nations including China, and support for Israel, which hates Jesus Christ and is of the spirit of anti-Christ. Trump’s role is to help polarize Americans along several lines, not just racial lines. This should be obvious. It’s long past time that American Christians break the two-party monopoly and form other parties. Otherwise, you are letting yourselves be dragged into concentration camps soon, starting with minorities first, and then the majority next. Stand united, American Church! Your redemption draws nigh. Repent and fill your lamps with oil! Stay in prayer. Amen.



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