Babylon the Great Wants You to Dismiss the Truth

Despite all of Jesus’ warnings, many in the Church still fail to really take a moment to put the puzzle pieces together. Too many of the complacent pastors are false shepherds and have abandoned the flock of Jesus Christ, and for that, if they don’t repent soon, they will suffer the greater, most dreadful fate! So until then, we will fill in for where some false pastors have fallen short (we applaud those unsung pastors of little known churches who are doing the bidding of Jesus Christ). The New World Order Gang wants you to dismiss the truth and believe their lies as truth. Jesus made this clear in a few key verses. In John 14:6, he said He is the “Truth.” Keep that in mind. In the very next chapter, Jesus says the world hates him and will hate the Church, too (15:18). See, so now the world hates the “Truth,” which we already established to be Jesus Christ our Savior. But now notice in 2 Thessalonians 2:11, the world is divided into two camps: those who love the truth, and those who are slaves to the great delusion (massive lie)! This verse is also in line with Matthew 12:30 which says that those who are not with Jesus Christ are against Him. So once again, who is Jesus Christ? He is Truth! And what does the world hate? They hate Truth! Therefore, the news media, government and all aspects of the New World Order Gang (aka Mystery Babylon the Great) will hate the truth and love a lie, because their father was a liar from the beginning. Stay in prayer. Amen.



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