The Ugly Truth About Orlando

When it comes to mass shooting stories, we like to wait till the New World Order Gang comes up with one lie to cover up another. In this case, it didn’t take long at all before the lies came crashing down. Unfortunately, this particular act seems to be a mixture of both a false flag operation and a crisis actor operation. There’s not enough space to discuss the mountain of lies in the Orlando shooting. Some highlights:


It is very suspicious that one shooter would be able to shoot over 100 people in a dark club by himself and no one even offer resistance or run.

The date of the shooting, 6/11, follows the same date pattern as 9/11 and 7/11. 11 is an important number in numerology, and the shooter’s age, 29, has digits that add up to 11.

How convenient that when these active shooter events happen, the shooter always ends up being killed so that he can’t be a witness to the truth

One of the victim’s mother (a crisis actor) had shallow tears and cried to the camera “please do something about the AR15 rifle.” Who does that? A truly mournful or sorrowful mother would say “please stop the violence” or something more vague along those lines. For her to focus in on the AR15 clearly shows a gun control activist agenda, not genuine tears.

The AR15 rifle has been the subject of gun control advocates for many years. So of all the kinds of weapons this shooter had, to magically have the one automatic rifle that gun control activists want banned sounds highly suspicious.

The Guardian reported there were “350 nightclubbers.” So, doing the math, 103 were shot, and 15 were held hostage by the shooter in a bathroom. That leaves 232 club goers who were not shot. The police chief mentioned dozens and dozens escaped through the hole, so assuming that “dozens and dozens” means about 60, that still leaves 172 people unharmed. You mean to tell me all 172 people would just let this guy do what he wanted? And simple math means that if 60-172 escaped through the hole, one at a time, it would take several minutes for this many people to exit, long enough for a crazed killer to shoot the rest, or at least use an explosive device on them. This doesn’t add up at all. It defies logic and common sense.
The Guardian reported that the officer already on the scene immediate engaged the shooter at 2am, drawing the shooter outside. Then the shooter went back in 30 minutes later at around 230am. During this 30 minute period, backup cops should have been on the scene pretty quickly, given an officer was engaging an active shooter. And 30 minutes is more than enough time for club goers to find ways out, such as the patio, which was around the other side of the club, out of view of the shooter who would be distracted by the cop. Certainly there were fire exits elsewhere in the club.
“Speaking to reporters outside the family assistance center close to Pulse nightclub, [Deyni Ventura] said: “He was in a bathroom stall with 30 other people, and those 30 other people are deceased. He is the only one that lived,” she added.” How on earth can 30 people fit in a bathroom stall? And I thought there were only 15 in the bathroom with the shooter? So if 15 watched him shoot 30 in a bathroom stall, why would they just sit there and watch? And how did the shooter just sit there and wait for 30 people to get into a handicap bathroom stall just to shoot them to death later?

“The gunman who killed 49 people in an attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando is said to have been a regular at the venue and had messaged several people on gay dating apps, according to reports.” How incredibly unbelievable the lies become! So a guy who lived 2 hours away frequented this particular club, when Miami has many more gay clubs and is closer?

The old adage, “if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true” applies very much to this fantastic deception. False flag operations like this one rely on the emotional shock people express when “breaking news” comes on and scares them with such extreme horror that the listener is distracted from asking tough questions about the facts and circumstances being reported. In other words, if you tell a massive lie with enough horror behind it, especially coming from a perceived “trusted” source like the mainstream media or the government, people automatically disarm their own filters and common sense (televisions already operate at a certain frequency that disarms people anyway). It’s similar to when, if someone came to you and told you that your house is on fire with your kids inside, your emotions are so amped up because of the danger that you quickly ignore the truthfulness of the person telling you the terrible news, and your instinct is to run and save your children and hopefully your home. And if that person who told you about this fire was also the one who plotted with someone else to burn your house down, you are less likely to question that person because his warning helped you to then save your children. This is how massive false flag horrors operate. As Jesus Christ said, Satan is a liar from the beginning. This is how he operates, and he does not play fair! He plays to destroy. He lies to kill!
In any event, it is far more likely deep government operatives committed this act, blasting their way into the wall with an explosive device that killed 50 and injured critically 53 more. There may have been a government hired shooter to distract and confuse the people in the club in one direction, and that distraction then allowed the deep government operatives to bust through the wall, which caused mass casualties. Several witnesses also reported emphatically they saw multiple shooters, which makes more sense. Here’s how The Guardian reported the blast from the government:

“It is not known whether any of the hostages were killed in the operation, or if so how many, but for those who got out, Mina’s decision was life-saving. First a controlled explosion was carried out, but when it failed to breach the wall Mina sent in a Bearcat armored vehicle to punch out the hole.”
Because of this confusion, it would be easy to convince the club goers that the shooter did this and the deep government operatives were the good guys who saved some hostages. By having the media to drop the “ISIS” label into the reporting makes it convenient for the government to further distract the world and deflecting attention away from their own actions. Also, the crocodile story, where the baby was reported to have been dragged into a lagoon but not eaten (go figure) was a distraction from the fact that the government chose the wrong fall guy, Omar Mateen (what a name). Turns out, he was a gay, down low married ISIS terrorist (ever heard of the strange combination?). How many gay people would side with a group that throws homosexuals head first from tall buildings?
Either the above is true, or this was a complete crisis actor false flag hoax. One of these two is closer to the truth than the “official” media narrative.



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