Many of Us Don’t Know What Event is the End of Times

When you say “the end is coming soon,” what do you mean by “the end”? Do you mean beginning of the Tribulation? Is it when the Anti-Christ appears? Is it when the abomination that causes desolation is set up in Satan’s imitation of the ancient Temple of Solomon? Is it the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? Is it when Babylon is destroyed? Is it when the False Prophet, the Beast, Anti-Christ and those with the mark of the beast are burned up? Is it when Satan is bound 1,000 years? Is it when Jesus Christ finally defeats Satan’s Gog and Magog after Satan is released for a little season? It is very important to keep all of these events separate and distinct. The “End” is actually a series of events, which includes all of the above. But the permanent, true, and everlasting end is when Satan is cast into the lake of fire forever. Now that is a true end. But the end of this Babylon world system will happen soon. Stay in prayer and pray for the people of Venezuela. The reports out of that country are truly heartbreaking, frightening and apocalyptic. Amen.


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