The Second Coming of Jesus has a unique “code” sequence

Since so many pastors avoid the topic of bible prophecy at the expense of the salvation of the followers of Jesus Christ, we will fill in the gaps. And this particular topic is way to important not to address. Right now, many Christians have vague ideas about the distinction between the Anti-Christ (aka the AC) and the true Messiah, Jesus Christ. We think we know for sure since the AC is associated with a mark (rendered in ancient Greek) and the number 666, we assume we’ll be able to resist and accept Jesus Christ after the revealing of the AC. But are you so sure? How do you know Satan won’t reveal a false, decoy Anti-Christ since we all expect an AC before JC returns? Already the Pope is being socialized via the New World Order Gang’s world news media as a decoy (the Pope is not the Anti-Christ, though he may be on the same team). How do you know that Satan won’t trick us into thinking the destruction of Washington, New York, London, Rome and possibly even Jerusalem as a decoy fall of Babylon, since we all expect a downfall of Babylon before Jesus Christ returns? Already we see Hollywood movies suddenly with themes of the destruction of Washington and London, along with apocalyptic topics. So here are the general steps we need to look for to avoid being tricked

  1. The New World Order Gang creates chaos in the world to create a vacuum that they then solve with their real “Messiah” (Anti-Christ)
  2. The New World Order Gang unveils a decoy Anti-Christ. Don’t be surprised if there’s more than one as Jesus mentioned in Matthew 24, but we expect only one at this point.
  3. When this decoy AC fails, the New World Order Gang may destroy “Babylon” (Rome? New York? Washington?) and usher in their true Anti-Christ, who will likely be literally larger than life in stature and exceptional handsome physique. They will use hidden technology and science to have this Anti-Christ perform miracles. He will reveal his name, mark and number to the world (Jesus Christ won’t reveal His true name to the entire world, according to Revelation 19:12).
  4. The world, including many Christians, will be in so much awe and wonder of this very tall, very handsome “Messiah” who will even speak directly to them in their minds (Project Blue Beam), that they will gladly submit to him and seek to destroy his “enemies” – those who hold fast to the true Messiah, Jesus Christ.
  5. The saints will suffer some persecution, but will be taken to a place of safety before Jesus Christ returns
  6. When Jesus Christ returns in the manner spoken of in Revelation 19 and Matthew 24, Jesus Christ will trigger an unheard of, unbelievable light display, where this amazing light ray shines brightly and quickly form east to west. The world will assume it is a UFO alien invasion due to the relentless propaganda of Hollywood and Washington propaganda.
  7. Jesus Christ will have a name written that no man knows but Himself (most likely because He didn’t want this name recorded in the Bible in order to not give Satan and his children a chance to use this same name for their Anti-Christ).
  8. The world’s armies will attack Him, but Jesus Christ will prevail.

Memorize this sequence of events right now! Do not delay. The end times are fast approaching. The signs are increasing. There aren’t many sins left that the New World Order Gang has not weaponized. Only the abomination that causes desolation is left, and that will be when the Anti-Christ will seat himself in the Holy of Holies of a rebuilt Jerusalem Temple: Satan’s last jab at our Heavenly Father before he goes to eternal damnation. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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