Christians Should Demand Better From Politicians

Although a majority of Americans are Christians, we have allowed demons to run Washington and other powerful federal and state offices for far too long. The New World Order Gang has twisted and distorted the principles of so-called “separation of church and state.” Being the hypocrites they are, these demons have not separated their worship of Satan from shaping their wicked policies that have been a thorn in the side of the entire world! It’s long past time to throw off this yoke. There’s nothing wrong with requiring your officials to follow basic principles of Jesus Christ, which is based on love, as we wrote about recently. For over 100 years, for example, the vast majority of Americans have NEVER been for sending troops to far off lands to stir up wars, sending our young men back home in body bags fighting someone else’s New World Order Gang wars. So don’t vote for demons who encourage war! Run them out of office. Also, any politician who supports Satan’s agenda to confuse our young children’s sexuality should definitely be kicked out of office. Following Jesus Christ means not running an agenda for Satan. It means to love our neighbors as ourselves without discriminating against those who are not Christian. Jesus never forced Himself on others, as we see from His exchange with the lady at the water well (a very good example of how we should interact with those who don’t believe). We should have reciprocity as our protocols for dealing with those of other religious beliefs: they respect us, we respect them, and we both co-exist. By our example, perhaps they might come to the faith. If not, we still love them! Stay in prayer. Amen.


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