Resist Being Deceived About the Name of Jesus Christ

The first question you should ask yourself is, if the New Testament was written in ancient Greek very early on, why are so many people these days trying to demand you learn Hebrew to speak His “true” name? There was a very good reason the Holy Spirit led the writers to write in ancient Greek: the Jewish leaders, whom Jesus referred to as the Synagogue of Satan, were hell-bent on persecuting the early Church severely, and to use every form of deception in their father’s satanic playbook to lead the followers astray, including language traps. If the New Testament were rendered in Hebrew, it would be full of deception today! In Revelation 19:12, we see that the true name of our Savior is not known to anyone but Him when He returns. Why? Because if it had been recorded, Satan and his children would have name their false Christ the same thing! So when Jesus Christ returns, He will reveal His full, true name to those whom He chooses. Finally, as for the nonsense about the letter “J” not being around when Jesus’s name started with an “I” in ancient Greek, stop that! If that were the case, then why not require that everyone learn ancient Hebrew and Greek in order to be saved? Silly! Jesus is more than His name; He is His destiny, His behavior, His unique title: Savior of Mankind! He is the only One who raised a man from the dead, and the only one who can save us from our sin through His death and resurrection. His Second Coming has a unique “code” sequence which we’ll discuss in a separate post, but you need to know this sequence of events in order to avoid being deceived by the sequence of events of the anti Christ. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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