Don’t Fall for the Transgender Bathroom Crisis Trap!

If you haven’t been paying attention over the weekend, not only are countries like Venezuela facing apocalyptic events of the worst kind, the earth itself is groaning with numerous volcanic activities, earthquakes, extreme thunderstorms and tornados, and more. The New World Order Gang is fully aware of these activities, and have unleashed several distraction traps that serve two purposes: to distract us from major earth and political events, and also to try to provoke the American Church to reach the tipping point and riot against the government. And if we fall into that trap without thinking, then they will dispatch their law enforcement and military troops to bring the social “chaos” under control! After that comes a gradual militarized police state accompanied with New World Order socialism, which will be worse than its predecessors. A better response to this transgender bathroom distraction is to form grassroots volunteer political action groups in every state, ideally recruiting 1,000 or more volunteers per state. Share opinions and surveys and report these findings to all truther news sites and the local media. Also, try to keep your young children out of public restrooms unless you’re able to accompany them. Ladies, use common sense when a man claiming to be a woman enters a woman’s restroom. Bring a friend if need be, or ask the guy to please wait till you’re finished, or leave promptly if you feel uncomfortable. Use your judgment as some guys who are effeminate will be more obvious than others (a lot of women are already very comfortable with men who are truly effeminate and know the difference). Finally, Washington knows that common sense should prevail when it comes to this senseless bathroom confusion, but they don’t care about common sense: they want social chaos and confusion, because their father Satan is the author of confusion and destructive chaos! Stay in prayer. Amen.


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