TSA Using PreCheck Policy In Place to Trap Us Here

Are you so tired of the rapid decline of American morals and ethics that you want to take a leave of absence and fly overseas to a more peaceful destination? You better hurry up! The New World Order Gang has a new scheme in place to trap their enemies here and most likely to put them in captivity in concentration camps. Have you noticed how suspiciously long boarding lines at the some major airports have been the past few days? It’s not an accident. Congress has been pressuring the TSA to ease up on baggage fee checks to speed up the lines, but that’s not the only reason. The real reason the lines are long is that the TSA is encouraging people to sign up for their “TSA PreCheck” service. With PreCheck, you simply fill out an early check in for TSA online and for $85 you get a 5-year pass to skip the lines. Sounds good, right? But the problem is, with PreCheck, the TSA can more easily deny you a flight out for various criminal reasons, which include: Espionage or conspiracy to commit espionage, Sedition or conspiracy to commit sedition, Treason or conspiracy to commit treason, and others. But what constitutes “espionage, sedition, or treason?” They don’t say. But with various extraordinary and vague executive orders in place by Bush and Obama, these can be defined any way the President seems fit. In other words, if they deem you a threat to national security, you are stuck here! So plan your international trips soon if you think your strong Christian values might lead them to consider you a conspiratorial, seditious person. Stay in prayer. Amen.



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