Too Many Pastors Not Warning Church About the Near Future!

We’re not trying to pick on pastors or cause any dissent within the church, but there are numerous signs of the end times circling around us, yet the U.S. and European Churches are asleep when Jesus Christ warned us not to be asleep. To date, when the rare moment comes that pastors speak about bible prophecy, they only mention a few sentences about vague, abstract beasts, getting microchips, the mark of the beast, natural disasters vaguely, and that’s about it. But that’s not how the spiritual forces work. The Book of Job shows us that Satan can cause natural disasters, and given that he tempted Jesus with ownership of the kingdoms of the world, we know that Satan would give not only the keys to the earthly kingdoms to his children, but also access to triggering natural disasters. The kingdom of Satan, demons and wicked humans, have been united in gradually snowballing great authority over humans, and catastrophes and acts of terror and war are the best ways to get humans to voluntarily submit to the kind of martial law that Satan needs to enforce his mark of the beast system. We got an early example of how Satan’s kingdom intends to round up people and put them in “internment” or concentration camps with the Katrina earthquake disaster of 2005. The citizens of New Orleans were treated as “internees” by FEMA and not evacuees, because FEMA was already under a new mission to intern citizens. Some still believe that man cannot trigger hurricanes and earthquakes, and this is exactly what Satan and his human children want you to believe. But if Satan can cause the catastrophes that Job experienced, then why do you think he can’t also give his children the same ability? Katrina was a man-triggered event in order to practice how to round up Christians using a crisis as a false pretext, for Satan is a liar and there is no truth whatsoever in him or his children. So they will lie to distract you from the truth. Already this year, there have been record numbers of national states of emergencies declared throughout the world, and almost all of them are manmade causes. Pray to Jesus Christ for wisdom to discern these troubling trends. Amen.


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