You Can’t Be Armed, But They Buy Even More Millions of Bullets

We already wrote an article about how our own U.S. Government, with the help of the New World Order Gang’s global criminal conspiracy (aka Mystery Babylon the Great) keep appealing to people’s emotions about gun violence, yet they themselves use guns routinely, here and overseas (just now, our government is helping the their co-conspirators in Saudi Arabia massacre innocent civilians in Yemen). We just want to re-emphasize how important it is for all citizens to be concerned about so-called gun control legislation. It doesn’t take someone with a high IQ to realize there is no association between the mass shootings you see in the mainstream media (most of which are lies as they are from Satan, a liar from the beginning) and the New World Order Gang’s push to disarm citizens one step at a time. If the government truly wanted to end gun violence, then it would push for the entire world, including police and military, to destroy their weapons and bullets, too, to lead by example. But will they do this? Of course not! Satan aka Lucifer is their father, and they will tell you that. Jesus Christ said Satan was a liar and murderer from the beginning, so what makes you think he won’t have his human children commit even more mass murder on unarmed, innocent civilians? He requires his children to offer human sacrifices every year, even more so in April, July, September and October. Most Americans don’t know that there are satanic leaders in our own military who have even shot and killed, execution style, regular American soldiers who refused, out of good conscience, to kill in overseas wars when innocent civilians were involved. Do you really trust men like this enough to support any gun control legislation? If you don’t believe this, try asking several soldiers who have been in overseas wars about either what they experienced or what they heard. We talked directly to credible soldiers who confirmed how sick some military leaders are overseas. There are now reports that the Department of Homeland “Insecurity” is set to buy even more bullets beyond the 1.6 billion bullets they already bought! Jesus Christ was clear: Satan is the false god of this false world full of false children of the Anti Christ and the Harlot! Pray for wisdom, patience and strength. Increase your survival skills and pray that our Heavenly Father protects us and hopefully postpones the horrors these demons have planned for us. Amen.


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