How We Let the New World Order Gang Get Away With It

Sadly, there is a process of deception that the New World Order Gang relies on to carry out its satanic agenda. After taking control of the U.S. Gov’t starting with their assassination of William McKinley in 1901, the extortion of weak and adulterous President Wilson, and then the rise of the IRS in 1908 and the demonic Federal Reserve in 1913, the New World Order Gang has perfected the following process for getting its way with us:

  1. Create chaos by any means necessary
  2. Deceive the people into supporting an item on our agenda to control the chaos
  3. Offer a sacrifice to Lucifer by killing as many innocent people as possible
  4. Let the people make accusations against us – it’s too late now
  5. Get the mainstream media to label our accusers ‘conspiracy theorists” and ‘crazy’

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