When You Find the Truth, They Call You Crazy

Just like insecure, immature kids, when the deceptions of Satan’s children are unmasked, they ridicule you and call you crazy instead of just agreeing to disagree. Why go so far as to ridicule if you feel confident your “truth” is true? Satan and his children are, as Jesus Christ put it, liars from the beginning with no truth found in them. One example of their insecurity is when famous rapper B.O.B. publicly proclaimed his belief that the world is flat and not a round ball. A secure person would simply say he’s entitled to his opinion and agree to disagree civilly. But Satan’s children know the truth and are thus insecure. So they got their full mainstream media to attack him, who’s just a rapper, as crazy, lunatic, etc. And to add icing to all of that, they even got heavyweight help from PhD scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Remember the expression “thou doth protest too much?” If Satan’s children are confident that the earth is a round ball, then why go to all this extreme? If you go back 2,000 years, Satan’s children went to similar extremes to cover up the resurrection of Our Savior Jesus Christ. They tried to bribe officials, soldiers, sought far and wide to get false witnesses, called the apostles crazy, persecuted the early Church, etc. So when we who love the truth expose what Satan’s children are really doing, they go to extremes to try to silence us. But the truth cannot be silenced, for even the rocks will cry out with the truth! Amen.



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