US Gov’t is Really a Thinly Veiled World Gov’t

A lot of people don’t under how the U.S. is a world gov’t scam. Sure, it tries to come across as just another country with a special destiny, but the reality is that, starting with WWI, its dark side evolved with a goal of conquering the world for its father, Satan. 99% of regular Americans never, ever wanted this world government, which is why the traitors who took it over in the early 1900s had to defraud the public while starting “lying wonders” like the Federal Reserve, the IRS, Dept of “Defense,” the UN, Communism, Socialism, False flag Terrorism, and many other demonic principles…Let’s say this were 1776 or any point in the past. You’re a member of a secret society (call it what it you will) and you are convinced that religious-based monarchies are the Old World, and you want to create a New World led by people who think like you. Can you just sail into London and say “my friends and I just started a world government and we want Britain, France, Germany, and all the nations of the world to bow to us right now!” You would be laughed out of the royal court, if not arrested or killed for being a nuisance. So then how would you go about foisting a world government on the world? Most likely, you’ve never thought of doing such an exercise. Long story short, you would first have to have a large group of very trustworthy and capable friends to go into all nations and gain the trust of the leaders of the most powerful. Once gained, you can hopefully influence them to invade weaker, nearby nations and kingdoms to bring under your indirect influence. This takes time. At some point centuries later, you would have to cash in on your secret influence to forge a new nation using the resources from the nations you influence. This new nation would need to mimic the world, so you would create multiple colony states within it (13, in this case), sort of like a world government incubator. But you can’t let the citizens of this new nation know this. You have to make them believe it is a real nation like any other, except it has a special manifest destiny unlike other countries. Get the idea?

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