Pastors Must Preach the Truth Boldly or Else!

What happened to the leading pastors in the Western churches? There was a time they were bold in the faith, but now the leading ones have become a distraction from the truth! Jesus Christ clearly said that if you are not gathering with Him, then you are scattering – scattering for Satan. If you are against Him, then you are of the spirit of Anti-Christ. To all the little known pastors who are still bold in the faith, we applaud you and commend you. But to those who are preaching useless doctrines about improving one’s self (when Jesus said to deny the self) and preaching how to make more money and feel good sermons that do nothing to advance the kingdom, wake up! You will be held doubly accountable for misleading the sheep of Jesus Christ. You will share the same fate as the False Prophet mentioned in Revelation. If all Western pastors would suddenly preach the full gospel truth boldly, then Mystery Babylon the Great would stumble and reel, and the world would be a better place. Time to root out the false preachers who distract from the truth and are in league with Satan’s children to derail our faith! Stay in prayer. Amen.



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