Unforgiveness is Your Greatest Contribution to Satan’s Kingdom

Stop right there. Has someone…anyone…done anything to you in the past that was so hurtful or damaging that you decided not to forgive them? It can be the darkest thing. If you have not forgiven them, then Satan thanks you for your contribution. Unforgiveness is directly tied to hate, and when you hate, you play Satan’s game. Satan can only hate. He cannot love. This is why those who serve him are blind to the fact that he can only express hatred for them as a way of thanking them. The same will be true of you if you don’t forgive. Demons will torture and possess you soon if you don’t forgive. Not forgiving is like a feast for them. So it’s time to starve them! Take away their plate right now. Forgive those who have wronged you and watch the demons flee! If you starve them, they will go elsewhere to look for the feast of unforgiveness. Starve them out of your life today! Amen.


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