Don’t Be Surprised If Your Vaccines Are Killing You

God created man in His image long ago. Man has done fine all this time without vaccines. Africans who were forced into slavery in the West used natural remedies that cured everything and many of them easily lived past 100 despite the paltry conditions they were forced to live in. A few slaves, in their journals, reported how, after the Civil War, men in white coats came around with white pills they claimed were better than the natural remedies the former slaves used. The freedmen rejected the pills. This was around the 1870s. A few decades later, vaccines came along, and the leading men at the time fought against them, knowing they were poisons causing death, dismemberment and all kinds of ugly and detestable diseases. But the mainstream media and the early version of the New World Order Gang went to work to silence the critics by all means necessary, including violence and lies. 100 years later, they have the upper hand, and people wonder why million dollar cancer treatment centers conveniently pop up in the right cancer clusters in certain targeted communities. Wake up! Your vaccines are killing you. Go dis a loving Father who would never create us in an environment that would so easily kill us. He created our wonderful immune system. Trust Him! The reason why our faith is so dead now is that we let the false god of false science trick us into replacing a truth with a lie. And then you wonder why your prayers are never answered! Walk by faith and not by the sight of false science. Amen.


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