Beware of the False Anti Christ Decoy

Too many pastors have not been fully teaching about the details of the appearance of the Anti Christ, and on Judgment Day, Jesus Christ will hold them accountable if any of their members get led astray. The consensus among many Christians is that before Jesus Christ returns, the Anti Christ must appear first and deceive the nations into worshipping him and accepting his 666 mark. People wake up! Don’t you know that Satan and his children know this, too? That’s too easy. Jesus also warned us that many will come in His name, saying there is the Christ, etc. He warned us not to believe it. But what does that mean? It means that Satan will send a handsome decoy after Satan and his human children have groomed the world for 2,000 years. It has taken this long for Satan to hand over the world’s governments to his children. Once he sends his decoy and the masses reject that decoy, then he will send his real Anti Christ that will look even more handsome and much larger than life, most likely. He will spark supernatural signs in the skies, even to cause flashes of light to come down (these lightning flashes can be manifest in one of a few ways such as light beams or other technology, so be ready). So how will you know the difference between the real Anti Christ and the real Jesus Christ? For one, all demons still tremble at the name of Jesus Christ, including the demons in the false anti Christ and the real Anti Christ. Also, Jesus Christ is coming back to destroy armies, not civilians the way the Anti Christ will do to Christians. Obviously Jesus Christ will not be giving out 666 marks either. But stay prayed up on these matters as the signs of the times have accelerated in 2016. Amen.


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