The New World Order Gang Knows Your Votes Don’t Count

Not to sound offensive or obnoxious, but how did Americans get to the point of being so blind that they think their votes count in any election? Anyone with average intelligence can see that, after every election cycle, the candidates they vote for say one thing during the campaign, then once elected, bow to lobbyists and special interests. Both parties do this every time. The New World Order Gang is not blind to this. They planned it this way since Americans went to elementary school. You have been programmed to think democracy means your vote counts. Nonsense. When you vote for President, you don’t actually vote for that person, but for a state by state electorate scam. In some states, electors are “bound” to vote for the will of the people if the New World Order Gang is ok with that. In other states, some electors are unbound, meaning they are free to vote as they please. That fact alone should have caused Americans to demand a new, direct system, but so far, that has not been the case. The fact that this intermediary scam exists should let you know your government is up to no good! And now, the era of the end, aka New World Order, is upon us. Re-read the Parable of the 10 Virgins. We are there at the door. The U.S. Gov’t is prepared to war against its own citizens at the same time it tries to start wars overseas with China, Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Iraq, Libya, etc. Wake up, American Church! Satan is at the door with his demonic and human hordes to devour and destroy you! Stay in prayer. Amen…


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