Obama Has Betrayed African Americans

It is a crying shame that, despite over 95% of Black Americans voting for Obama as President twice, larger than any other group, not only has he not done anything for them specifically (compared to his overwhelming support of the Gay Agenda), he has allowed the U.S. Military under his command to prepare drills to deal with “hostile” black protesters in urban settings! Just like in 1970 when there was a secret plan to arrest and ship blacks off to concentration camps because the U.S. Gov’t feared the success of black civil rights groups like Black Panthers and Nation of Islam, now the George Soros (Jewish billionaire) backed Black Lives Matter movement is being used as a ruse to forge an alliance between the military and local police to go after blacks first, and then the rest of Americans later. Once again, African Americans are used as frontline guinea pigs for the New World Order Gang to then implement a phased martial law implementation across the country. This is a time of great peril for all races! All races should unite against the New World Order Gang and not let skin color divide us. Whites should not ignore the fact that the military is training police to go after blacks in urban settings. This is an early warning sign! Protest on behalf of your black neighbors now! Don’t wait till there’s no group left to help you. Help each other against this great evil scourge right now. Get rid of Democrats and Republicans! Forge other parties and don’t be scared into “wasting” your votes as your mind control handlers want you to think. Think outside the box and love each other as Jesus Christ commanded us. Stay in prayer. Amen.


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