They Increasingly Arm the Police, Yet Increasingly Disarm Citizens

If you noticed lately, the lawless ones in the New World Order gang try to circumvent our laws regarding stationing the military in cities by converting police officers into soldiers with military equipment and millions of rounds of military grade ammunition. The military is now partnering with local police departments to look for “terrorists” and the “mentally ill.” So while they increasingly militarize and arm the police, they want to encourage us to disarm and trust them with our lives. They say we can’t be trusted with guns because too many mentally ill people are going on so-called shooting rampages. (Isn’t it curious that the number of mass shootings have skyrocketed under a government that desires a policy of disarming all of us?). The question becomes: what does the New World Order Gang (aka Mystery Babylon the Great) define as “mentally ill”? If you do your homework, you will find the definition now includes Christians and Muslims. To them, “extremism” is any adherence to faith that does not let them run over our rights and enslave us. You can fight this trend by launching a fourth branch of government at the grassroots level. No need for a formal constitutional amendment just yet. We can form a large group in every state and issue our opinions and polls to the media, mainstream and independent. Once there is groundswell, we will have enough power to then launch a constitutional amendment battle.


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