The Real Reason They Don’t Want You Feeding the Homeless

Ever notice the increased reports of homeless people disappearing or cities passing laws to essentially criminalize the caring of homeless by citizens and the sleeping places of the homeless? This isn’t about an so-called nuisance posed by the homeless as there are plenty of bigger nuisances out there. The New World Order gang wants to control every human soul on earth, and anyone who is off their radar is a threat to them. Recall that Jesus Christ and His apostles were homeless, cashless and carless. They were off the radar. They moved about freely and weren’t under the pressures of every day living like those with a home and jobs. The Romans didn’t care, but the New World Order and their father Satan sure do! Satan wants every single human dependent on his kingdom in one way or another, and the homeless way of life is difficult to control. Satan also wants to discourage you form doing what Jesus Christ commanded: taking care of the homeless. So this is one law you’re going to have to defy because man’s law (which, in this case, is the law of the New World Order gang) cannot supersede Jesus’ commandments. Jesus will not accept cowards into the Kingdom of New Jerusalem so choose which team you are on today. Amen.


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