Open Letter to the New World Order Gang

To date, your plan has worked almost according to plan, except for a few hiccups here and there along the way. But have you ever thought maybe, just maybe, you were being set up by your father, Satan? Sure he wants you to kill off most of humanity as the ultimate human sacrifice to him and, at least according to you, to reward you with more resources and land once most humans are dead. But what is Satan wants you to do this so that he can more easily destroy you, taking you with him to the lake of fire? How do you know you’re not being set up? He almost got you framed with spectacular lies that would later be easily proved, such as the sun being tens of millions of miles away (it is not), and man being evolved over millions of years from lesser animal forms (easily proven not true) and that that earth is a few hundreds of millions of years old (boy, you guys sure do like your big lies to include “millions” don’t you?). Satan, your father, is laying a trap for you, and you’re not going to be clever enough to escape on your own. But there is a way to escape. Just adopt the love of Jesus Christ. He has a placed prepared for each of His servants, and it includes a much larger space than earth for each of us to do like our Heavenly Father and do acts of creation like Him, since we are made is His image. Until then, we are gods in training who must follow the example of Jesus Christ to reach that potential, instead of selling ourselves short on temporary wealth gotten through murder and lying wonders. Why not just wait for your own earth equivalent to reap even better, permanent riches? It’s never too late to escape Satan’s trap. Amen.


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