Earth is NOT Millions of Years Old, the Sun is NOT Millions of Miles Away

If you haven’t heard yet, Jesus said Satan lies continuously and has done so since iniquity was found in him from antiquity. This means ever sentence he utters has the ultimate goal of either lying or tricking you into sin. He tricked Eve, who should have asked Satan “what does death mean?” Instead, once he said “you shall not surely die,” she took it to mean instant death if she ate of the tree. She failed to realize God referred to spiritual death that would then introduce fixing the number of years man will live on the earth. She focused on being able to do what she wants if she became like God prematurely. It was always God’s plan for us to become like Him, which is why we’re made in His image. But we had to first go through training and tests, and Adam and Eve failed the first test miserably. So fast forward to today. We still fall for the “do what thou wilt” trick. Despite the common sense evidence, we allow anti-Christ scientists command us that the sun is 93 million miles away. Have you ever flown in a plane at the 30,000 foot level? Surprisingly, most humans have not, which is why they don’t know the sun is right there, not much higher than the clouds. And even for those who have flown, they still delude themselves into thinking its millions of miles away. Think of this: when you heat an oven and open the range door, the further you move from the heat, the cooler it gets. So if the sun is 93 million miles away, how on earth can you feel its heat in the summer? They say the sun gets a couple of million miles closer, but that still leaves 91 million miles. Heat doesn’t travel that far at that intense level. And carbon dating is not perfect nor testable to confirm if it can indeed measure something that is 300 million years old, as they claim the earth is. Most of us never did carbon dating, so we are relying on blind faith in men who hate Jesus Christ. Do you want to stake your eternity on those who are on Team Satan?

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