We Are Divided and Conquered into Isolation

Ever think about how divided we are? Not only are we divided by race and sex, we are divided even in our own households between parents and children, husbands and wives. Too many churches are still divided by race. In politics, we are artificially divided into Left and Right. In sports, many of us are divided by favorite teams to the point of being religious zeal. Adherents of each religion, instead of focusing on the common denominator of being good neighbors, instead let the New World Order gang divide us along religious lines to the point of murderous hate. Yet the kingdom of Satan is still united and moving forward with its plan to persecute us. Why let ourselves be divided any longer? The love of Jesus Christ for neighbors, family, friends and enemies should help us seek those common grounds among us without compromising who we are. We can be ourselves while being neighbors with strangers. Who knows, by our example, that love can help the spirit we touch to grow. Choose the love of Jesus Christ today, right now, and let’s put a stop to Satan’s kingdom in our lifetimes.


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