Take Heed That Ye Be Not Deceived

So why did Jesus Christ utter these words in Matthew 24 as His first words when asked about when the end will come? You probably have an idea, but have you considered whether what you’ve learned in school and had seared by the hot iron of the government, mainstream media and Hollywood has already planted numerous seeds of doubt and deception? Ask yourself: Is Satan the prince and god of this world? Jesus said yes. Does Satan lie continuously and is the father of lies and murder? Jesus says yes. Are all nations on this planet in some way influenced heavily by Satan and his demons? Yes. So then why do you readily accept the lying wonders and astonishing deceptions of this world? God said He created the heavens, the earth, animals, plants and mankind in 6 days. Is that so impossible for the Eternal Creator? He said He created a firmament (ceiling) above our skies, which means there is no outer space: is that so impossible? God said murder is murder, including abortions, yet this world says abortion and euphemism is not murder; whose side are you on: Team Jesus or Team Anti Christ (aka World aka Satan)? The world will laugh at you and hate you for believing “outdated” notions of God, but didn’t Jesus Christ tell you far in advance this would happen? Yet many of you would rather get along and fit in with the lost of this world rather than stay true till the end. The Church in the West especially has become Laodicea, fat off the wealth of falsely paid tithes and preaching only half the gospel, too scared or ignorant to preach the entire gospel. For this, most of you are deceived and don’t know it. You will easily accept the mark of the beast because of this deception. Wake up and throw out your life-long education from your mind! They are shackles dragging you to hell. Free your mind and put oil in your lamps as Jesus Christ warned us. Amen.

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