Your Education and the Media Has Seared Your Conscience with a Hot Iron

1 Timothy 4:2 warned us today, in these latter times, about very influential seducing spirits who will use a process to sear our minds with their systemic hot iron from our childhood. The New World Order gang (aka Mystery Babylon the Great) realized that the best way to create their artificial world system was to hijack the education system and instill propaganda in children as early as possible. Think about it: for centuries, most families home schooled their children. That was a threat to Babylon the Great because faith reigned supreme with homeschooling. So they offered “free” public education that you are forced to pay for with your homes (if it were good for us, we wouldn’t need to be forced to pay for it, right?) We know that by 5 years old, children start locking in whatever they are taught and will keep locking in the truth or a lie in repetition until it becomes permanent by their late teens. As these young people mature, their egos further lock in this hot iron searing because they feel “proud” of their academic accomplishments, especially if they earned a post graduate degree (and those who get a PhD will really be full of the yeast of the Pharisees). You can test this by asking them if God created the world in 6 days. Watch them call you crazy. Ask them to challenge whether humans are the byproduct of evolution, and they will think you are backwards and archaic. Challenge whether the earth is indeed truly a round globe, and they will try to get you a straight jacket. Dare them to not vote Republican or Democrat (or whatever two-party scam your country runs), and watch them regurgitate that ‘to not vote for one of these is to waste your vote’. As a result, when the New World Order gang tells them that killing Muslims in the Middle East is for the good of humanity, they go along with it because they have been conditioned to believe the one who seared their conscience with a hot iron. What will then stop them from accepting 666 in their foreheads? Who put these thoughts in their minds? Answer: That hot iron of the New World Order gang. Come out of her, my people, Jesus Christ warns us. Re-assess everything you’ve been taught. Amen.


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