You Don’t Personally Know That the Earth is a Round Ball

Yeah, the title may have thrown you off a bit, but that’s the point. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, “how do I personally know that the earth is that round globe I used to see in school and that NASA keeps showing on its website and in the news?” Have you ever been to the north or south pole? Ever been to Antarctica? Have you ever gone to outer space and taken a picture of the earth? Ever ask how exactly did Copernicus know the earth was a ball way back 500 years ago when there was no aircraft to go up and verify his claims? Finally, have you ever seen a live picture from any of the satellites in orbit or from the Hubble space telescope, which was supposedly sent to outer space to take pictures of other planets far away? You already know the answer: No. You’ve been conditioned to have faith in your government, your military (yep, the military is guarding Antarctica and the poles so you can’t disprove Copernicus), and of course, science. Those so called pictures of earth you’ve seen are actually simulated graphics, not actual photos. If you closely compare earth pics from various “reliable” sources, you will notice the sizes of the continents vary wildly for no reason. Any student of photography can easily see problems with the earth pics from the so-called moon mission. Also, notice that all of the planets are named after pagan idols. Are you being forced to accept worship of idols, including Saturn, which is synonymous with Satan (look it up)? If you drop a ball in water, will the water stay on the ball, or will it drip off? Re-examine the laws of gravity with respect to the ball-shaped earth concept. The New World Order gang has a strategy to use deception by any means necessary to confuse us and thwart our faith in Jesus Christ and the Bible. But the problem with Copernicus is that, for hundreds of years, no one could prove him wrong until we had aircraft that went high enough to confirm or deny his claims (there’s a world map from 1892, the beginning of the aviation age, that disproves Copernicus). And once we were able to deny it, the gang went into overdrive to keep this secret under wraps – all that to keep the truth about the sovereignty of the Creator. They know He is real, just like their forefathers knew Jesus Christ came the first time as Messiah of the world and tried to cover that up, too (re-read the Passover Plot verses in the New Testament). The Bible warned us of lying wonders, so we have to make sure to unearth all of all childhood learning to make sure all seeds of deception are rooted out. Stay in prayer. Check out these links if you want…


Earth is being protected by a ‘Star Trek-style invisible shield’: Scientists probe mysterious barrier blocking ‘killer electrons’

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