Native Americans Were Rounded Up to Make Way for New World Order

Just like with the African slaves who were enslaved on concentration camps called plantations, American Indians were either killed by war or disease, or rounded up and put into captivity in concentration camps called reservations. Why all this bloodshed and misery? To make way for the so-called New World Order, where step 1 was to created the United States as a laboratory for creating a world government to allegedly bring peace to mankind. It’s funny how these demons think they can bring peace through massacring innocent people. Oh well. Step 2 was to then create the United Nations. Step 3 is to create the New Satanic Kingdom based in Jerusalem, restoring Solomon’s kingdom and his paganized temple (it became pagan when he gave in to some of his wives who still worshipped detestable gods from their lands). The idea with step 3 is to round up or kill Christians, Muslims, and those deemed enemies of the Satanic order. Let us stay in prayer.


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